Even Good Writers Write Bad Books

*signs name to that list.*

Yes, no one is immune to the terribly conceived poorly executed work of fiction. Now, I’m not talking about books that are terrible because they’re rife with grammatical errors, lazy base characters, flat dialogue or phoned in plots. I’m talking about novels from writers who had the best team of editors, book cover designers, type setters, and copy editors that money could buy and still sucked. The truth is you can’t always know what your audience wants and it’s unrealistic to think you’ll hit it out of the park every single time (unless you’re Quentin Tarantino). I’m writing this because I know a lot blossoming (yes, I said blossoming) writers are fumbling in the trenches and getting 1-star reviews along the way.  And it’s easy to give up and say you just can’t hack it like other writers can.

The truth is most writers can’t even finish a single book, let alone a book that only has conceptually sucky flaws. I’ve got at least three on that list. Read any of my Wayward Pines fanfic on Kindle Worlds….yeeesh…. Still, someone’s buying those stories because I made $18.00 last month on those titles. Don’t take yourself out of the game because of something as trivial as rejection.

Keep writing. Keep trying.



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