I’ve been out of the human loop for awhile now simply because of how busy I tend to stay. I’m currently working on three titles. The first of which will release *Fingers Crossed* sometime in March. So, lo and behold when my sister tells me they have a new trailer for Maleficent. At least, new for me. I’m just so gung ho about my writing (If you’re tired of hearing how hard I work? I don’t care.), that I’m missing out on the fun trailers that usually release around this time of year. The summer movie blitz is far but not too far way.

Anyway, the trailer is EXCELLENT. It’s appears to be really playing up the dark origins tale of Maleficent. The large scale sword and shield battle is a little off-putting, however. ┬áStill everything else in the trailer from the mood, the music and right down to Angelina’s echoing cackle pretty much made this an insta see for me.

See the trailer here.


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