Many self-published writers wonder how do they keep momentum. They look at the market and see competition like asteroids pelting at them from all sides. They look at the output level and wonder how is any of this freaking possible?

First, you’re only in competition with yourself. There’s a big world out there and you need to focus on getting stories to a publishable level and then …publishing them. Usually, the simplest advice is often the most difficult to follow.  However, this is the most important aspect of the business and the most tried and true.  Write a series or a serial. Books that follow one another with a regular cast of characters. Write. Write Write.

Second, your “book-like” product doesn’t have to be any “standard length. What that means is it can be a novella (which hopefully for your sake will be in a serial). Write a 300k treatise if you wish, but honestly I would suggest writing in smaller chunks to get to the market faster. Remember more books with high quality production is most important.

Third, Don’t look at this as a golden lottery ticket.  The truth is it’s going to take many books and several years to make a living only from writing novels/novellas or series/serials. Time is the arbiter of success in this game. Outliers exist sure…and hey. If I were one I’d be dancing on my rooftop, however, the truth is most people are trucking along in obscurity, but they do make a living at it.

That’s your inspiration, work hard and do what you love for the rest of your life.


(photo via symphony of love)


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