The After




Yup, I’m watching it.

Bezos really is some sort of maniacal genius, ain’t he? This new Amazon Original Series is basically the answer to Netflix’s Original Series.

I was addicted to the X-Files as a kid. Watched  the movies and its spin-off. Read the book Anti-bodies for Christ sakes! When I finally took a moment to stop refreshing my KDP reports, I saw they were advertising Chris Carter’s (the creator) new show, The After, on the homepage. The excitement was tempered by reality when I watched the trailer. It honestly reminded me too much of that terrible show “The Event.” Eh, I’m going to give it another shot. The uber X-Files fan in me deserves as much. I don’t have T.V. I’ll probably be watching it online. Why because Amazon’s showing the pilot for gratis! Yeah, that’s right. Free.

You can see the trailer here.

In other news, I saw I got a few buys on my book The Sourwood. Now, I’m #93 in Fairy Tales. Neato! Lets see how long I can ride this wave.


(image via JD Hancock)


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