Jelly…Cory Doctorow’s Fan Swag.

squid ring

I’m a regular reader of Boing Boing, and author Cory Doctorow posted  a picture of  a  handcrafted squid ring sent in by a fan.

He was sent a beautiful prototype. If you’re a Jule’s Verne-aphile you will probably fall dead when you see the actual ring’s asking price of  $1195! However, I’m in awe of crafty people who can make stunning curios like this. They’re so mythical in a 3D printer and post-industrial world.  The Etsy store Gin and Butterflies specializes in wedding rings. It’s likely I’ll never get married, but I’d wear this because it’s just so friggin’ stellar.  I can only hope a fan sends me some neat swag like this. I’d love a ring with insect inspired details….just putting feelers out there.

Alright, back to editing. This book ain’t going to edit itself.



3 thoughts on “Jelly…Cory Doctorow’s Fan Swag.

  1. Wow. That is beautiful. My husband is a builder/woodworker and I am always amazed at the beautiful things he creates. It’s like, that came from a block of wood?

    Same with that ring. For me, it’s: Where did it come from? Was it birthed?

    Just gorgeous.

    • Yeah, isn’t it something! That’s really cool that your husband is a craftsman himself. I truly think people who can see something in wood, stone, or on a canvas are in a special league of their own. The ring was made by a jeweler on Etsy. Birthed? Forgive me, I’m sort of slow on the uptake. What does birthed mean? It’s definitely gorgeous.

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