Why Social Media Drives Me Crazy



The purchase of WhatsApp is making waves on teh interwebs today. ¬†Facebook is buying the social media app for (put whatever you’re drinking down…now!) nineteen billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. Billion. The app was in direct competition with the social media empire and like any good thinking capitalist they figured, “why compete when you can just pay people off?” But here’s the catch for me as an author. There is no shortage of places to have presence on the internet these days with tumblr, instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter and the one site that stalks you or something or other…

Sure, I don’t have use them all. That would be crazy talk, but the roster of how many you should be using is stretching far into infinity. I give credit to the young kids inventing these platforms. It’s great to see people my age and younger starting businesses and bringing ideas to life. It’s what makes the internet so powerful. As an author, I can’t handle more than a twitter, a facebook and a blog. Anything else, and I might as well give up on writing because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


(image via Jason A Howie)


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