Have Editor Will Travel


This train I’ve tramped on hasn’t stopped moving since January.

It’s crazy to think where I am now. Yesterday, I passed on my self-edited manuscript to my editor and we’ll be working together developmentally up until the 27th of March. He’s excellent by the way and  has years of experience editing my genre of work. It’s the first time I’ve hired an editor for my self-published books. Yeah, I know. I know.

Still, it’s strange. For the past ninety days I’ve been outlining, plotting, drafting and editing. Now, nada. I’ve mainly just written down my ideas for the sequel (Because I’m always forward thinking like that) that I’d likely release in late May or early June. Which of course, also will largely depend on the popularity of the first book. This standing still thing doesn’t work quite well for me. So, to keep myself busy, I’m working with an artist to get the first few concept drawings for my cover.  Other than that, IndieReCon starts today. I’m mostly interested in JA Kontath, Barry Eisler, and Rachel Aaron’s chats.

Anyways, be good internet.


(Photo via John Morgan)


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