The Myth of the Tortured Writer


Writers are tortured by fear.

Not society. Not the universe. Fear. Period.  It’s fear of what might be.  It’s the fear of failure.

For some writers it’s a superiority thing. They took ten years to write their book. It took them twelve drafts before they were satisfied. Whatever.

The idea for this post emerged after watching the live Google Hangout of the guys from the Self-publishing podcast. David Wright, particularly, made a single salient point. Before he met Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt he hadn’t finished a single book. He describes himself as the “tortured” writer. The writer who strives to scribe the next “Great American Novel” (TM).

If you’re tortured, who cares? No one. Being tortured doesn’t produce books. Writing produces books. Common sense. I truly believe that writing in the new age, and being a writer will take on new forms. You see it already. The most important thing you can do is write what you love and produce it in the highest quality possible.

The times of writing a novel every two years or so is gone. Period. Especially if you’re a self-pubbed writer. You need to have a a consistent flow of content.  Likely it has to be high. High is in tandem to maybe four or more releases a year. How can you sit around being tortured when there’s so much work needing to be done?



Photo via Celestine Chua


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