Fuck Perfection


You heard me.

That’s right. Fuck. It. Hard.

Perfection has ruined more writers’ careers than heroin, coke, dead hookers and moonshine combined! How’s that? Because they never even started. The outline wasn’t perfect. The draft wasn’t perfect.The timing wasn’t perfect. The mood wasn’t perfect. The alignment of all the planetary bodies and non-planetary bodies in the galaxy wasn’t perfect. ¬†Of course your draft isn’t perfect, moron! That’s why it’s called a draft. Writers need a swift kick in the balls and ovaries sometimes, because they use the nebulous concept of perfect as an excuse. Stop thinking and start writing, dammit! Think about it logically, okay? If everyone was perfect wouldn’t the pursuit of said perfection be pointless???

Focus on finishing. Focus on conquering self-doubt. Focus on that story you’ve been aching to tell.

Write that book.

You will die one day. Stop trying to be perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect corpse.



Righteous photo via S.C. Axman


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