Indie Spotlight: S. Elliot Brandis


S. Elliot Brandis

A time ago, I used to be a regular at the Kboards (especially during the learning phase of indie pubbing).  Now, I more so swim in my own lane. However while there, I saw S. Elliot Brandis’ novels. He’s doing a post-apocalyptic trilogy. His writing is engaging and concise. Nothing like my engrossing yet  demented word smithing. You’ll suffer a cataleptic fit upon gazing at his Jason Gurley designed book covers (i.e. the book cover designer for Hugh Howey).  Extra brownie points for being Australian, I’m looking forward to his first novel release, Irradiated, in May.




4 thoughts on “Indie Spotlight: S. Elliot Brandis

  1. Hey, Richard. Cheers for the spotlight.

    Jason did an awesome job with the cover art. Really left field. I must say, the artwork on Annamation is great, too.

    Glad I get brownie points for being Aussie. Where in the south are you from? I visited Texas and Louisiana last April. Loved it.

    • Jason’s pretty much the “Rolls-Royce” of book designers.

      I’m from the “Peach State,” Georgia. Never been to Texas, but have traveled to good ‘ol Anna several times. Hope to flyover to Oz…one of these days. Everyone tells me the people are friendly and Melbourne and Sydney are beautiful.

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