The Case of the Missing Blurb



A very astute poster on one of my favorite online communities, sffworld, asked, “Hey Richard, where’s your blurb?”

He’s seen this emperor lacks clothes. The truth is I’m still tinkering with it. My feeling is I’m not alone in this, but books are easier to write than blurbs. A blurb is that 150 word advertising on the back of a book, basically.  Imagine writing a 200k novel and then someone telling you to explain that beast  in less than 140 words.  Not a task for the faint-hearted.

My thinking and imagination is left field, which is spectacular. However, it’s sucktacular when trying to write blurbs.  Good blurbs leave the potential reader wanting, like a dirty snog.

On the positive side,  a blurb will be up sometime this week, likely Sunday.



photo via JonotakesPhotos


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