Copy Edit and 5k ….and Cheesy Fries


It’s getting down to the wire, folks.

Yesterday my editor received my final draft to copy edit (i.e. last level editing). It’s a little bittersweet and well captured in this terrible minds post.   I’m definitely balancing  on that wire between raging pride and crushing self-doubt. Every writer has been there…

In the meantime…

I’m 5k deep in my sequel; started it yesterday. I’ll be doing 5k err’ day until I  finish the first draft by next Friday.

Oh, an aside.

I’ve been getting positive feedback on my blurb. This one I actually wrote myself…so color me tickled that people actually like it (wut?)

Fritz Lang, a fledgling cartoonist, finally lands his dream job as a comic book artist in New York. However, there’s a catch. He must pitch a new super hero within 24 hours or he’s fired. Desperate to summon his muse, Fritz pops a pill called Inspirin and is transported to a realm of abandoned dreams and nightmares of the dead.

When he encounters FBI Agent Anna Orange, they tow the line between Fears and Fantasies that now think independently of their deceased creators. When a string of real victims surface in New York, Fritz sees a pattern emerge. The grisly pattern parallels the M.O. of one of his comic’s imaginary villains, Mr. Good Night.

Now, Fritz has trouble knowing where the nightmares stop and the reality begins.

Why is there a photo of cheesy fries?  Because they make me friggin’ giddy that’s why!



Photo via David.NikonvsCanon


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